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Our Key Executives and their Area of responsibility
(below the board level)
Head Office
Name Designation Responsibility Area Phone Email Id
Mr. Amit Kumar Sen ED Mines 033-22832226 sen_ak@hindustancopp
Mr. Dilip Kumar Mahajan ED Materials & Contracts 033-22900397 dkmahajan@hindustanc
Mr. Deb Kumar Choudhury GM Mines 033-22382226 choudhary_dk@hindust
Mr. Chattar Singh Singhi GM & CS Company Affairs 033-22832676 singhi_cs@hindustanc
Mr. Vivek Tripathi DGM Finance 033-22832226 vivek_tripathi@hindu
Mr. Kamlesh Soni DGM Human Resource 033-22870376 soni_k@hindustancopp
Mr. S Dey DGM Marketing 033-22832226 dey_s@hindustancoppe
Mr. Sitendu Dash AGM Systems & CISO 033-22900577 sitendu_d@hindustanc
Mr. Vivek Gupta AGM TA to CMD 033-22832296 vivek_g@hindustancop
Mr. Ramananda Adhikari AGM TA to CMD 033-22832226 ramananda_a@hindusta
Mrs. Sampa C Lahiri AGM & CPIO Corp. Comm, Admin & CPIO 033-22832226 sampa_l@hindustancop
Unit Offices
Location / Name Designation Responsibility Area Phone Email Id
Mr. Onkar Nath Tiwary ED MCP Unit 07637-257042 tiwari_on@hindustanc
Raj Kumar Sah GM KCC Unit 01593-220001 rajkumarsah@hindusta
Mr. Umesh Kumar DGM TCP Unit 022-27411823 kumar_u@hindustancop
Mr. Vinay Kumar Singh DGM GCP Unit 02645-226751 vinay_ks@hindustanco
Mr. Sanjay Kumar Singh DGM ICC Unit 06585-225768 singh_sk@hindustanco
Sales &  Other Offices
Location / Name Designation Responsibility Area Phone Email Id
Mr. S Dey DGM Sales Northern Region 011-22443182  dey_s@hindustancoppe
Mr. S Verma AGM Sales Western Region 022-27412654  verma_s@hindustancop
Mr. Jim Amalraj Chief Manager Sales Southern Region 080-26563343  jim_a@hindustancoppe