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Press Tenders
Unit Name Enquiry No. Enquiry Date Short Title Closing Date/Time Cost of Tender Document EMD (Rs.)
ICC I-6312 2-Jan-2014 Procurement of H.T.POWER FACTOR CORRECTION CAPACITOR02.01.14 22-Apr-2014
11:00:00 AM
0.00 5000.00
MCP MCP8477 20-Feb-2014 AUTOMATION OF SUMP LEVEL 21-Apr-2014
3:00:00 PM
0.00 6000.00
MCP MCP1403 23-Jan-2014 Replacement of C.G.I. roof sheeting of Primary and Secondary crusher units at MCP 22-Apr-2014
3:00:00 PM
100.00 2300.00
KCC K14028 15-Jan-2014 HCL-KCC-PUR-13-SPWC-03 RFQ-4727 Procurement of AUTO ELECTRICAL SPARES 18-Apr-2014
2:30:00 PM
0.00 0.00
ICC I-6222 7-Dec-2013 Procurement of DRIVE SYSTEM 22-Apr-2014
11:00:00 AM
0.00 4900.00
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