Photo Gallery

Corporate Office    
Corporate Office Secretary Visit - 1 Secretary Visit - 2
Unit - ICC    
Drilling Operation in Progress
at Surda Mines
ICC Tank Activity ICC Warehouse
Panoramic View ICC
Unit - KCC    
KCC Underground Mines Loaded Dumper at KCM Mines Ore Loading for Transportation
from KCM Stockpile
Panoramic View KCC  Observation of Constitution Day -1   Observation of Constitution Day -2
 Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony For Roof
Top Solar Plant-KCC 
 Secretary Visit -KCC-1   Secretary Visit -KCC-2 
 Secretary Visit -KCC-3   Secretary Visit -KCC-4   Secretary Visit -KCC-5 
Unit - MCP    
Dumper Running on Haul Road
in MCP Mine
Electrical Shovel Loading
the Dumper at MCP
MCP Mine View
Unit - TCP    
CC Wire Rods TCP CC Rod Drawing TCP CC Wire Rod Packing
TCP Melting Furnace TCP Control Panel  
Unit - GCP    
Training and Awareness Campaigns for Promotion of Digital Payments-1 Training and Digital Campaigns for Promotion of Digital Payments-2