Tenders List

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Archived Tender List

Unit Name Enquiry No Enquiry Date Short Title Closing Date/Time Cost of Tender Document (Rs.) EMD (Rs.) Cancel/Discharge Remarks
MCP MCP/00105/2022-23 25-Jun-2022 M16820 ANNUAL REQUIREMENT OF MEDICINES 2022-23 18-Jul-2022 3:00 PM 3123659.00 62500.00 NO
MCP MCP/00106/2022-23 25-Jun-2022 M16813 15-Jul-2022 3:00 PM 228000.00 4500.00 NO
MCP MCP/00104/2022-23 24-Jun-2022 M16847 Assistance for Carrying out Repair and Maintenance Activities in Plant Mechanical, of Conc. Plant in General/Cyclic Shifts (MPU and Crushing Unit). 14-Jul-2022 3:00 PM 0.00 141800.00 NO
KCC KCC/00091/2022-23 23-Jun-2022 RFQ-9813 Bearings 12-Jul-2022 2:00 PM 0.00 11576.00 NO
MCP MCP/00099/2022-23 18-Jun-2022 REQUIREMENT OF SONOGRAPHY MACHINE. 09-Jul-2022 3:00 PM 0.00 37500.00 NO
Corporate Office CO/00015/2022-23 18-Jun-2022 Tender for Export sale of 20,000 WMT +/- 10 % of Copper Concentrate of Khetri Copper Complex, Rajasthan, India Origin 02-Jul-2022 3:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
KCC KCC/00090/2022-23 17-Jun-2022 RFQ-9826/Procurement of Conveyor Belt through GeM 08-Jul-2022 2:00 PM 0.00 30000.00 NO
KCC KCC/00087/2022-23 08-Jun-2022 RFQ-9823/ Procurement of LT Cable for DG Set 29-Jun-2022 2:00 PM 0.00 49000.00 NO
MCP MCP/00069/2022-23 14-May-2022 MCP16731 OF Cord Relay & SOD for Open Cast Mines 27-Jun-2022 3:00 PM 0.00 2700.00 NO
GCP GCP/00005/2022-23 11-May-2022 Engagement of travel agency for hiring taxis at GCP 01-Jul-2022 12:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
Corporate Office CO/00007/2022-23 10-May-2022 NIT for Main Mechanical Ventilators at Malanjkhand Copper Project, Madhya Pradesh, India 14-Jul-2022 3:00 PM 0.00 4100000.00 NO
Corporate Office CO/00005/2022-23 06-May-2022 NIT for Mine Development at Khetri Copper Mine, Rajasthan, India 07-Jul-2022 3:00 PM 0.00 5000000.00 NO